3 Reasons to Visit the Dentist

An American Fork dentist shares why you should go to the dentist more often.Let’s face it: nobody likes going to the dentist. Nobody wakes up and says, “I get to go to the dentist today!” It’s something we dentists have to face, try as we might to make our American Fork dental office a place you want to visit.

If it’s not someplace you want to be, why are you going? Why do you sit through hours of cleanings and fillings? Spend your money on insurance, deductibles, co-pays and uninsured services? Well, if you need a little motivation to keep your regularly scheduled check-ups (and procedures), here are three reasons to visit the dentist:

  1. Dental cleaning and x-rays are not the only thing your dentist does during your visit.

     They check for signs of cancer in or around your mouth, look at the health of your gums and teeth, examine every one of your teeth and cavities for signs of cracks or greater than normal wear and tear, and more.

    Do you look at every inch of your mouth every day? Chances are the answer is no. It’s difficult for you to see every surface because your eyes just can’t get at that angle. Additionally, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for without the years of education and practice dentists and dental hygienists have.

  1. Keeping your mouth clean is important to your overall health.

     Even the best brushers and flossers miss spots in their mouth. And plaque that’s been sitting for a while can become extremely difficult to remove.

    Studies have shown that good oral hygiene is linked to better overall health, including reduced risk in heart disease and stroke. Additionally, as discussed in the previous paragraph, your dentist is trained to look for signs of other, potentially life-threatening, diseases that show early signs in your mouth.

  1. You only have one set of permanent teeth.

     Taking care of this set is important. As much as we try to mimic natural teeth, implants are still a second best to the original thing.

    Cavities and damaged fillings can let germs into the center of your tooth, called the pulp. The only way to treat infected pulp is to remove the tooth altogether or drill through the tooth and remove the infected portion in a process known as a root canal. If you don’t enjoy a regular check-up, imagine how you might dread a root canal.

Dental health is important. Dental check-ups are a key ingredient to maintaining your dental health. If you abide by the standard oral hygiene rules, there’s no reason your next dental check-up is unpleasant.

If you haven’t been to the dentist is over six months, it’s important you make an appointment right away. Getting started on a regular oral hygiene regimen now could help prevent root canals, abscesses, heart disease and more.

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Bruce Murdock
Dr. Bruce T. Murdock has been treating patients and improving smiles for 25 years. A very successful dentist near American Fork, Dr. Murdock was born and raised in Utah County and has followed the Murdock tradition in sincerely caring for his patients. Dr. Murdock graduated from Brigham Young University and received his Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Dr. Murdock and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of four children and seven grandchildren.
Bruce Murdock
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