Do I Really Need Professional Dental Cleanings?

Importance of regular dental cleaningIf you think that dental cleaning is a scam, wake up. Oral health is extremely critical for overall well-being. To maintain regular at-home teeth cleaning routine is crucial, but not all can be done by yourself! You should visit a dentist regularly for professional dental cleaning to remove the unwanted tartar, plaque and bacteria. Even the American Dental Association recommends that everyone above the age of 4 years should visit the dentists for professional dental cleaning at least twice a year. If you have been thinking, “Do I really need professional dental cleaning or not”, here is the answer:

  1. Imagine yourself toothless:

     Eww! Right! Well, if you keep on gulping sugar coated candies, your teeth will die off cavities and plaque. Gum diseases are the primary cause of tooth loss in adults as plaque moves down the tooth where it destroys the supporting bone in the jaw causing loosening of the teeth. With regular dental cleaning and check-up, you can reduce the chances of losing the teeth.

  2. Flaunting a bright smile:

     A smile can make or break your personality. When you are confident of your smile, you feel confident and your social life improves drastically. Professional dental cleanings will remove the built-up stains and leave you with pearly white teeth.

  3. Keeps away from bad breath:

     Bad breath is a big turn off. Studies reveal that 85% of people who suffer from bad breath have severe dental problems. Regular dental cleaning is essential to prevent bad breath and maintaining good oral hygiene.

  1. Avoiding the cavities:

     Undoubtedly, cavities are a pain. But what results in cavities? You must have seen whitish layer on your teeth. This whitish layer, if unattended, eats away the enamel and causes cavities resulting in pain and uneasiness. The best way to prevent these cavities is professional dental cleaning.

  2. Overall health:

     Research shows that periodontal disease and gum infections can lead to low birth weight, stroke and heart diseases. So if you think you can skip dental cleanings and live a happy life, you are highly mistaken. A bad oral health affects your overall health considerably. Regular dental cleaning also helps in diagnosing the early stages of several diseases.

  1. Prevent gum diseases:

     For the begineers, gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround your teeth and is one the major cause of bone loss, if not treated in time. If the percentage of bacteria in the mouth increases, it may result in bleeding gums. In order to avoid such a situation, one must follow regular dental cleanings.

  1. Detect oral cancer:

     As per the Oral Cancer Foundation, one person dies of oral cancer every hour of the day in the US alone. During the professional dental cleanings, the dentist also looks for any oral cancer symptoms. In the initial stages, it is very much possible to cure oral cancer. These days most dentists have Velscope, a hand held device which emits a blue light into the oral cavity and helps the dentist detect the early stages of oral cancer.

Not only this the regular dental cleaning will also help in early detection of other dental problems. Early detection of teeth and gum problems ensure painless and hassle free treatment.

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Bruce Murdock
Dr. Bruce T. Murdock has been treating patients and improving smiles for 25 years. A very successful dentist near American Fork, Dr. Murdock was born and raised in Utah County and has followed the Murdock tradition in sincerely caring for his patients. Dr. Murdock graduated from Brigham Young University and received his Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Dr. Murdock and his wife Lisa are the proud parents of four children and seven grandchildren.
Bruce Murdock
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