Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the primary cosmetic and restorative dentistry services we perform at our American Fork, UT dentist office. Dental crowns serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, as porcelain (white) crowns look just like your natural teeth while also providing excellent strength and durability.

There are a couple reasons why we recommend porcelain dental crowns over metal crowns, but we also provide other options if you decide to go with a different type of crown.

Reasons for dental crowns

You may have to get a crown instead of a simple filling if the decay in your tooth is so extensive that it compromises the integrity of your tooth – in other words, because you have a very large cavity. Crowns are also placed over teeth after a root canal. Some additional reasons for crowns include:

  • You have a tooth that is badly cracked, worn, or fractured
  • You have a tooth that is abnormally small or misshapen
  • You have a badly discolored tooth
  • You want to replace a gold crown with a porcelain crown for aesthetic purposes

Crowns may be used conjunction with other dentistry treatments, such asto anchor a bridge that replaces a missing tooth.

Dental crowns procedure

Our two-stage dental crowns procedure is optimally designed for your comfort and convenience.

At your initial visit, we evaluate your tooth, creating a mold of your mouth and color-matching the crown material to your tooth (that is, if you decide to go with a porcelain crown). We also prepare your tooth by removing the decay and a portion of the enamel. Your tooth is then fitted with a temporary acrylic crown.

Once your custom crown comes in, we bring you back, bond the crown to your tooth, and do any final shaping and polishing. We’ll make sure your new crown looks great and is comfortable for eating and chewing.

We use a local anesthetic during the preparation and installation stages so that you feel little to no discomfort. Any discomfort you feel following the procedure should be temporary and minimal.

Dental crown options

At Murdock and Searle Family Dentistry, we offer several crown options so you can choose the type of crown that best meets your needs.

Porcelain crowns – We recommend porcelain (white/tooth-colored) crowns not only for cosmetic reasons, but because they are usually cheaper than gold crowns. They are made of a durable ceramic material and are usually at least partially covered by dental insurance.

Metal crowns – These crowns are strong and easy to install, but they do not look like your natural teeth. For this reason, we typically only recommend these for back molars.

PFM dental crowns – PFM dental crowns have a strong metal base with a porcelain coating. These crowns offer a compromise between porcelain and metal crowns, as they are more aesthetically pleasing than metal crowns but offer the durability of a metal base. Because the porcelain is layered over metal, they have a slightly less natural look than purely porcelain crowns.

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