Teeth Whitening

The cosmetic dentists at Murdock and Searle Family Dentistry are highly experienced in professional teeth whitening, providing expert tooth whitening services in the American Fork, Utah area.

Professional teeth whitening removes staining to the tooth enamel caused by agents like coffee, wine, and cigarettes, or lax dental hygiene. For many people, teeth become yellower as they age as daily habits take their toll over time.

Professional teeth whitening provides a safe and incredibly effective way to quickly reverse the cumulative effects of years of exposure to staining substances.

Types of professional teeth whitening

With professional teeth whitening, teeth are not so much “bleached” as they are cleansed. An oxygenating ingredient such as hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down and destroys stain particles on your teeth, restoring your enamel to its natural (white) color.

There are two types of professional whitening – one in which the whitening procedure is performed at the dentist’s office, and another where the dentist gives you the supplies you need to whiten your teeth at home.

In-office professional teeth whitening
With this type of teeth whitening, the dentist protects your gums with a shield or gel and then applies the whitening agent to your teeth. A laser light may speed up the process, which will take about an hour or less. At the dentist’s office, a very strong whitener can be used because the dentist is present to monitor its effects. You may need up to three visits to achieve the desired effects.

At-home professional teeth whitening
With this type of teeth whitening, your dentist will give you the materials you need to whiten your teeth at home. This includes a professional-strength whitening gel and a special tray for your teeth. Your dentist will advise you as to how long you should use the gel. As with in-office whitening, you may need several sessions of at-home tooth whitening to get the maximum effects.

At-home teeth professional whitening may be the better choice for people who have very busy schedules but still want the kind of professional results they would get at the dentist’s office.

Professional teeth whitening vs. over-the-counter teeth whitening products

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products such as gels, strips, toothpastes, rinses, etc., are often cheaper than professional teeth whitening services. However, they come with some distinct disadvantages.

For one, OTC products are not as strong as professional teeth whiteners. This means that you won’t get the same whitening effects as you would with professional teeth whitening, and that at-home products will take longer than a professional whitening session.

Additionally, OTC products can cause irritation if you have any sensitive areas in your mouth. With professional teeth whitening, you are under the supervision of a doctor, even if you are doing the whitening at home. This makes professional tooth whitening safer and less likely to cause pain.

Other considerations

Teeth whitening procedures may cause some slight discomfort during the procedure, though the discomfort should subside after the procedure.

Teeth whitening only addresses enamel (surface) stains and will not whiten teeth that are discolored because the enamel has worn away to show the darker layer of dentin underneath.

For people whose teeth are discolored due to enamel erosion or who have gray (dead) teeth, veneers might be a better cosmetic solution to achieve a whiter smile.

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