General Dentistry

Murdock & Searle Family Dentistry is proud to be among the top general dentists in Utah. We offer an array of general dental services in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where we treat our patients like family.

As follows are some of the general dentistry services provided by our caring, hardworking family dentists, Dr. Murdock and Dr. Searle:

General dentistry specialties

Learn more about the treatments and services we specialize in at Murdock & Searle. These services range from everyday fillings and cleanings to wisdom teeth removal and sedation dentistry.

Pediatric dentistry
At Murdock & Searle, we provide numerous dental services for kids, ranging from fluoride treatments and dental sealants to pulpotomies and extractions. In addition to providing a high quality of care, we make your children feel at ease so that they don’t fear going to the dentist.

Getting your child used to going to the dentist at an early age for checkups and cleanings helps build life-long positive dental habits.

Composite and amalgam fillings
Our family dental practice offers both composite (white) fillings and amalgam (metal) fillings. White fillings, made of a composite resin, offer the benefit of being aesthetically pleasing, while less expensive metal fillings show time-tested durability. We are happy to provide whichever filling option you choose.

Tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal, are a necessary aspect of general dentistry. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted due to impaction, while in other cases we need to remove a tooth because it is too damaged by decay or infection to repair. In either case, we make sure you are as comfortable as can be during and after the extraction. We also offer restorative options to replace extracted teeth, if desired.

IV sedation
For patients who have a fear of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry is the way to go. Depending on what type of sedation you require and whether you have any medical issues, we offer several different sedation dentistry options. All sedative agents are expertly administered under doctor supervision.

Digital X-rays
Digital radiography (X-rays) in dentistry allows us to store digital images of your teeth on our machines and also to send electronic X-ray records. With digital X-rays, the patient is also exposed to less radiation than with traditional X-rays.

Dental hygiene and gum treatments
Our dental hygienists use the gentlest and most advanced treatments to clean your teeth and gums. This includes both routine teeth cleanings as well as periodontal treatments to address various stages of gum disease.

A family dentist you can trust

Whether you need to take your little one to the dentist for the first time, or you require a more specialty dentistry service like sedation dentistry, our numerous general dentistry specialties ensure that you and your family are in good hands at the American Fork, Utah offices of Murdock & Searle Family Dentistry.