Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our American Fork dental office offers the advantage of wisdom tooth removal at the same facilities in which we provide other general dentistry services. This means your trusted dentist will perform the surgery instead of having to go to a separate specialist.

If your child is in their late teens or older, or your wisdom teeth are causing you problems, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Murdock or Dr. Searle to determine if you are a candidate for wisdom tooth removal.

Who needs to have their wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone needs their wisdom tooth removed. In fact, not everyone even develops their third set of molars, or wisdom teeth. However, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, about 90 percent of people end up having at least one impacted wisdom tooth requiring removal.

Wisdom teeth, which start to appear in your late teens or early twenties, often become impacted because there is not enough space for the teeth to break through the gums. As a result, your other teeth may become severely misaligned. If the teeth do start to break through, they may cause a great deal of discomfort and potentially form a cyst or abscess.

Often, wisdom teeth removal surgery is performed as a preventative measure for young adults, after we can see in an X-ray that these teeth are visible underneath the gum-line and that at least one tooth will be impacted. You may need one or all four of your wisdom teeth removed.

When are you too old to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Sometimes, people do not have their wisdom teeth removed in young adulthood because the teeth do not cause them any problems. However, impacted wisdom teeth may become symptomatic in your thirties, forties, or even fifties.

Impacted wisdom teeth may develop decay, infections, and gum disease, causing a great deal of pain. Some reasons why you might get wisdom tooth surgery in your adulthood include:

  • Pain in wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom tooth cysts
  • Wisdom tooth tumors
  • Infected wisdom teeth
  • Damage to teeth surrounding impacted wisdom teeth
  • Tooth decay in impacted wisdom tooth

At Murdock & Searle, we perform wisdom teeth removal surgery on patients of all ages. It is preferable to have your wisdom teeth removed before they fully grow in to avoid complications such as infection or gum disease that become more likely with age. However, removal of painful or infected wisdom teeth is a medical necessity, regardless of your age.

If you have wisdom teeth that do not require immediate removal, we will closely monitor these teeth to watch out for any potential problems that may develop.

If you are an LDS missionary and need your wisdom teeth checked before you leave, be sure to give us a call, we’ve helped hundreds of missionaries in the past, and know exactly what to look for.

Call us today to find out more about wisdom tooth removal at Murdock & Searle.