Dr. Searle’s office is the best! I had to get two cavities filled and there was no pain at all, not even with the shot. He has an amazing staff and gets the work done quickly without making you wait and has a very clean office. I would definitely recommend!
Savannah Wiley
I have had nothing but great experiences at Murdock and Searle! Dr Searle and his staff are wonderful and they always make me feel very comfortable and welcome. When I walk in they recognize me and are very friendly, so I don’t just feel like another patient. Go see them! They won’t disappoint.
MaCee Payne
Searching for a dentist that you can trust can be frustrating. Everytime I have gone to Dr. Murdocks office I have always felt that I was given an honest diagnosis. He has always informed me of ALL my options and then allows me to choose what is best for me. Trusting your dentist makes going to the dentist a much better experience.
Ashley Rigby
I’ve been with Dr. Searle now for about 3-4 years and it’s always been quick, easy, and affordable. The appointments are always on time and treatment has been top of the line. In fact I left a dentist I had been with for 12 years to come to Murdock & Searle’s. Best service there is.
Scott Johnson
I’ve been with Dr. Murdock since I was a child, and I’ve never experienced anything but professional, friendly service. He is frank, but extremely personal, and I’m continually impressed with his honesty and good explanations of what’s going on in my mouth. He recently encouraged me to choose a less-expensive option to a procedure I was considering and explained all the pros and cons.
Tyler Smith
I have had nothing but a great experience at Murdock Dentistry. Doctor Murdock is the man and his staff is amazing. I always feel welcome when I go and I always leave happy. I would recommend him to anyone and I do when talking to people. Great work, great service and a few good jokes.
Jake Goeckeritz

When my oldest child was young, maybe three years old, I took him to a pediatric dentist (I won’t mention names) for his first dental visit. He was very uncomfortable at the office, though it was supposed to be child-friendly, and was terrified of the dentist and cried the entire time. It was tough for the dentist to even see what his teeth looked like with all the drama. This dentist wanted to put fillings in ALL his molars, as a measure for preventing cavities! I would have had to take him to the hospital and they would have used anesthesia on him to knock him out for the procedure! I couldn’t believe a dentist would require such extreme measures! I decided I’d better get a second opinion, and thank goodness I was recommended to try Dr. Murdock.

I was worried about how my son would react to Dr. Murdock, but the experience was completely the opposite of the first dental visit with the pediatric dentist. Dr. Murdock’s son was there that day, and he made the visit so much fun for my son! He let him “shoot” the water sprayer at targets along the sink, made him balloons out of latex gloves, played with him and was so cute with him! The rest of the staff is much the same with my kids — fun, upbeat and friendly. There are always toys and games, books and movies for kids when they come to the office, so even though Dr. Murdock isn’t known as a pediatric dentist, I would say his office is every bit as kid-friendly as any pediatric dentist’s, if not more so. They even have iPods kids can use to watch cartoons while Dr. Murdock is working on their teeth! At the end of a check-up, all kids receive a gold coin to use in a vending machine, where they can purchase small toys. They especially love this and are always so excited when I tell them it’s time to see the dentist! 🙂

When I told Dr. Murdock what the pediatric dentist had wanted me to do and showed him the estimate sheet I was given, he was appalled. After looking at my son’s teeth (he calls it “counting” their teeth to make it fun), he informed me all he had was stains — no cavities. What a relief! Dr. Murdock is very careful when prescribing treatment and will only recommend getting fillings or other dental work if he feels it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve had him watch a small cavity of mine for more than a year, checking each visit to see if it was getting any bigger. He won’t fill a cavity unless it’s big enough to warrant it or it’s causing discomfort. He makes a point of communicating everything to his patients, so they understand why he’s recommending a certain treatment, or why he thinks it should wait.

I really can’t say enough good things about Dr. Murdock. I haven’t had any experience with Dr. Searle, but if he works with Dr. Murdock, he must be good. All the staff members are friendly and make you feel right at home. This is an amazing office and I have told my friends and family how awesome it is, and have sent many their way. Don’t hesitate to go to this office – you won’t regret it.

Marcie Alva
Wouldn’t go to any other dentist besides Dr. Murdock or Searle. Best dentists around!
Brent Hill
This is a solid dental team that makes you feel like you are at home. Expert staff and pain free. I had a massive root canal done and they weren’t too proud to refer me to a specialist. They are perfectionists, and that’s what I wanted.
I LOVE Dr. Murdock and all of his staff. They are always very kind and caring. I always associated going to the dentist with pain and misery. I was referred by a friend to Dr Murdock and no longer have to be stressed about going. He is conservative in treatment and thorough! The Hygenists and Assistants are very patient and concerned for the comfort/well-being of the patient. The front office staff are so good to work around my schedule and have gotten me in the same week when I had a painful tooth. Thank you all, I hope you never retire!!

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